Holdings in Kite

The Holdings in Kite displays several data points like instrument, quantity, avg cost, LTP, current value, P&L, net change % and day’s change %.

However, I find another critical data is missed out which is investment value Since the current value data is shown in Kite, it would be good to show the investment value or cost, so that the Kite user can instantly compare invested cost versus current value.

I face issues when I sort out data in Kite for values like P&L, net change % and day’s change % from top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top. Sorting doesn’t work properly

Please do the needful


Dear Zerodha,

Kindly provide your feedback to the above query if you have any. Even I face this trouble.

Many thanks,

Invested value is shown on the dashboard. You check your invested value, current value, and P&L along with a visualization.

Seems to be working fine for me, could you describe the issue you are facing?

Though investment value is shown in a visualization form in Dashboard, it would be good if Zerodha shows invested value and market value in Kite Holdings itself, so that comparison between both becomes easy and quick.

Thank you anyway for taking time to answer.

There is a problem and it exists … Murphy’s law doesnt work not sure if ur part of zerodha team… Request you to please chk again

I have also observed this problem occasionally regarding the sorting not being in order.

Investment value of any ticker = Buy average * Quantity

I also desperately looking for this. Have seen many others requesting for this. But, Zerodha seems not convinced or may be ignoring. It needs to be for each scripts in Holdings please.

I also have faced this so often.

Well, we all know it. But, we want to have it on Holdings for each script.

I have also seen few responses where I wonder if it’s from Zerodha team or from forum user. A response from zerodha team means significantly different than from a forum user especially features & technical things. Solution is to have a icon to profile pic to zerodha user & a signature saying ‘zerodha team member’. @nithin

I guess the reason why it is not provided in Kite is it will be too much info on a webpage. Zerodha may have felt that having those columns on Pi is enough and keeping the web version Kite as light as possible is important.

Sir, I agree but adding this tiny piece of info will still keep the webpage light and yet provide very useful data to Kite users. The point is when current value of each stock is shown on Kite, the corresponding purchase value should also be shown for instant comparison.

I guess those who are prominent day traders, may not bother about this. But, those who are investors, feel this is a must.

This is an old thread but I too was looking for this invested value column. Current value can always be calculated. Invested value column gives a quick overview of how much is invested. Kite mobile is good in this regard. Please implement this feature. Thanks