Holdings not displayed in the exchange where I bought

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I find this to be a highly stupid feature. Generally I have at the top of my watchlist the securities that I have in Holdings. Now every day, these securities will change from the NSE -> BSE ones or vice versa.

Can anyone from the Zerodha team explain what was the rationale behind implementing this? Was there enough user demand or was enough user feedback taken?

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Really its shity option…
Y do anyone need it…for what reason ??
It’s making things complicated…unnecessary. without any reason.
I only trade on nse. Y do i need bse option in portfolio…when want nse there.

This has created lot of confusion and inconvenience. I do see any rational in showing the holding in exchange where the previous traded price is higher. There is very less liquidity in BSE. This might have been done intentionally to increase the volume in BSE, which has caused a lot of hardship to us. We hope Zerodha will change the system before we chagr Zerodha.

Hi All,

I observed that my portfolio holding for almost all the stocks in my zerodha account got changed from holding that was in NSE to BSE.
I know that price remains almost the same on both exchanges , but volume plays the key role.

Does Zerodha has this authority to change stock exchange for NSE to BSE or vice-versa , without any information of the same.

This “feature” doesn’t actually work. For example DYNAMATECH closed at 2174 on NSE and 2151 in BSE, yet Kite shows BSE in my holdings today morning.

Even if it does work, this is not very useful as BSE is very illiquid, with bid and ask prices miles apart. There should be an option to turn this feature off!

The closing price on BSE was 2186.15. You can check previous close in market depth window for reference.

On the order window you get an option to select exchange of your choice and place the order accordingly.

Is there a reason Kite displays Last Traded Price instead of Closing Price for BSE? Is it a bug?

This is a hassle. Sometimes when there is a news and the stock is moving rapidly, people would want to quickly sell their holdings at market price and don’t notice what exchange is automatically selected. I’m sure NSE is the exchange everyone usually trades on due to liquidity, so how about select NSE by default? Or give users the option to set the default exchange? This “feature” has caused more losses than profits honestly. And this is coming from a long time Zerodha customer.