Holiday List and Holiday Alert

Hi. Please add a current years holiday list in @Zerodha trading platform, and notify/alert users at least one day prior of the holiday. This feature update would be very useful. Regards.

You can check the list of all market holidays here. You can also add these to your Google Calendar and set alert using the link available at the bottom of above shared article :slightly_smiling_face:

Given the overload of notifications, we consciously don’t send any notifications. However, on the day of market holiday, you will see banner on both Kite web and app.

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Diwali trading holiday is on Nov 12th or 14th ?

Diwali is in Sunday, 12th November. Muhurat trading session will be held on 12th from 6:15 PM to 7:15 PM. More details here: Muhurat Trading Session - Samvat 2080 (November 12, 2023)