How a stock can fall by more than 100% (110%) ?

IEX Showing more than 110% down.

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It is down 52%, from its ATH of 318 in 2021 October to 150 of 2022 July.

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IEX gave a bonus shares in December 2021 in the ratio of 2:1. I think you are looking at data prior to the bonus issue. As you are aware the market price gets adjusted on the bonus issuance date and will fall.

I believe this is the reason you are finding the stock falling more than 100%.

Yes, as a company, the stock has been underperforming. FII have been selling and their holding from 37% in September 2021 to 20.77% in June 2022. This will have an impact on the stock price. The same story applies to MCX as well.

Disc: I am invested in both IEX and MCX

So there was a bonus, alright. But the price should get adjusted accordingly on the charts, as it does in the holdings?

Actually, no.
The stock has fallen only ~50%.
(as GB26 rightly measured by using the original high price as the baseline here).
A stock falling 100% will have a price zero :sweat_smile:.

But the price should get adjusted accordingly on the charts

I believe this is because it’s NOT a stock-split; rather bonus shares were issued.
In the absence of any other changes in the fundamentals of the stock (or the market),
a bonus issue, relies on the market forces (supply/demand) to re-adjust the price of the stock accordingly.

With 1:1 bonus shares issued, shareholders will be happy to sell-off their shares below the value they original purchased, all the way upto 50% off(as they still make a profit). This results in the new price tending towards 50% or the original price.

This is unlike the case of a stock-split,
which involves remarking the face-value including historical value of the stock,
as the definition of a share of the stock itself is changed as per the stock-split ratio.

Update: Apparently not.
Historical price charts are apparently always price-adjusted in both the cases (bonus shares, stock-split).

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Any stock that fell 100% is automatically delisted from exchange but in imagination. In practical life non of securities can not fell by 100% as it will be zero on price and it will be like purchasing the securities at free which cant be possible due to no government charges. The last price that be traded is 0.05 rs or tick the securities can bear in exchange which will 99.99999% fell not 100%.

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Actually no

When a bonus shares are issued the market price is automatically adjusted by the bonus shares. This applies to when stocks are split as well. Take example of iex when bonus was issued and tata steel when share was split

I am sure all of us are aware that when a stock falls more than 100 percent and its impact. I was only trying to make a point that he must be looking at prior to bonus share price to current market price and hence the context of 100 percent issue