How are huge volumes traded with little change in price?

Today, in the Jain Irrigation futures chart there is one minute where 1164000 shares have been traded with just a 20 p price difference. Though in the order book there was no huge supply or demand visible at these levels. How did both the buyer as well as seller coordinate his order placement for this to happen. I have seen many instances of this happening in almost all scrips. For small volumes there are huge jumps in price up or down and large orders go through with little or no change.

How is this coordinated selling/buying done on the stock exchange. How can a small trader survive with this happening all the time.


It could have been block/bulk deals. Check this

The same scrip saw 1360000 traded at one price. How did the buyers and sellers appear simultaneously out of nowhere.

In a bulk deal involving stock how does the f&o side also see the same. Even arbitragers would need a few seconds to place their orders. In that duration the deal is over. And how come nothing ever shows in the order book. The whole deal is over in a second, doesn’t it follow the same route as a normal (small volume) trade that is done on the exchange.
And the examples I mentioned happen everyday even with no bulk/ block deals.