How big players knows what is going to happens in LUPIN on 7th november 2017. Do retail investor has any change to invest and earn?

at 1pm price of lupin was 1030 on 7th of november 2017
after just 20 minute rate was 870rs
at 13.04 corporate announcement was made on bse website of usfda warding. but selling started from 1pm itself.
so selling started before 4 minute of announcement.
THis can only happen with some news that was known to big players.
How do they come to know all this before it’s known to general public?
and just 1 day before see the target given to public

And see huge holding of mutual fund in lupin. Aren’t we call them big players and institution

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Hahah. I have already posted about that earlier. FIIs are market makers. DIIs are not!

Every news is known to FIIs. Infact they are news makers. FIIs are far ahead of DIIs then what to.say about small retail traders.

FIIs never lose money. They control the markets. Why will they move the markets against them!!

Retail traders are obsessed with technical analysis!!
We see every movement from technical analysis view. If we are profitable, we say ohh its pure technicals. And if we lose, we blame technicals.

FIIs dont follow technicals. Technical analysis is a trap created to fool you. Technical analysis do works at times but suppose I am an FII institution & today I start buying airtel stock nonstop & create a bubble. Yes the chart patterns of airtel will anticipate this uptrend & EMA crossover & more indicators will confirm the up move.

But the point is FIIs are in control of this movement which was created by them.
So FIIs can secretly start making short positions in airtel after price rise!!

Did you see airtel stock rallied up nonstop from 400 to 520 range & now back to 480 - 490 .

First they created bubble & thousands of people got trapped. One person is on this forum who lost 1Lac rs. in 1 week.


If DII don’t know anything. Then what will happen to mutual fund investment that public make through SIP in india.

DIIs know alot more than you & me. DIIs have the second control of the markets but only if FIIs dont interfere any particular day with HUGE BUYING or Selling. Then DIIs certainly can drive our markets & when it comes to news related to Indian companies, certainly DIIs are aware of the news at par with FIIs.

Yes FIIs also have their ears to any slightest of the news from Indian markets.

@Spaceship its fight between DII and FII to make big money by knowing any news related to companies as early as possible.
What should retails investor do? should we avoid investing in stocks directly.
When DII has all news at par with FII. Then why do they make losses. As in case with LUPIN

DIIs are updated about news within Indian markets. DIIs dont have authority in global markets. DIIs have better access to global news than retail traders.
But FIIs lead global markets & have direct reach to any news making event. DIIs are not as better as FIIs when it comes to getting hand of news about global Markets.

There’s no fight between DIIs & FIIs and many times Diis may be part of game plan created by fiis.

Sometimes news is created to create confusion also so people should have less clarity.

The thing is why brother about them, whatever the trend is just start following it, book profit or hit SL. Or keep bothering and they will keep making money.

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