How can an intraday trader know that he must be on the long side or short side today?

you can predict the direction of market by several methods one of them is applying triple exponential moving averages 21-55-89 periods on same time frame. these are Fibonacci numbers all you need to go long is 21 line above 55 and 55 period line above 89 period line. to go short you need reversal of above alignment.


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This is what you need to get a feel of the market.

Stay with the overall sentiment of the market.

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Do not complicate much.. Go the simple way..

First check the trend of the market or a stock on daily and weekly chart... Then get deep into the intraday chart by choosing a time frame say 15Min or 30Min and see whether market is making higher tops and higher bottoms.

Intraday trend is the part of the bigger trend (Daily or weekly). So it is always beneficial to take the day trade in the direction of the daily or weekly trend....Ā 

Never Bluff With the Trend of the Market - Specially the Bigger Trend

So, if daily and weekly tend is up and on intraday chart say 30 min and 15min the trend is up then there are high probabilities for the market to go up and it is suggesting to take a long trade with stop loss of previous major bottoms.

Also, there are other key elements to consider and evaluate while trading... Human Psychology, Trading PlanĀ and Money Management plays a vital tool to consider while following theĀ trend of the market - To be a successful trader.

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I think its outdated.
If you will go to NSE Site
You can check that the numbers are more( if you add them)

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