How can I apply for rights issue of India bulls ventures.?

I am applying for the first time .Please anyone let me know the complete process through online as well as physical.

Very kind of your suggestions.

If your bank allows online bids through ASBA then it’s straightforward. You just login to your internet baking portal, search for ASBA and then submit a bid.

If not then you will have to follow these steps

Hi Bhuvanesh,

I have registered my broker with SBI account, But can i proceed and apply with my other bank account which tends to be KOTAK.?

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You can since you will be applying based on your DP ID.

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Hi @Bhuvan

Do you mind to explain what is right issue and what it’s benefits?
Thanks in advance!!!

Check this post by Karthik

Thanks, perfect explanation. What I was looking was well explained in the article.