How can I avoid CDSL PIN path during sell?

Today I am not able to sell shares because was giving bad gateway error . I no longer opt for this but i will be forced to sell the stock at lower price. What is the way out for this ? This happened second time in a month . I am in bit worry because if it happen in a bad circumstance and I need to sell the share urgently then I may need to sell shares below 20% value

You can pre-authorize the sale of your stock so you don’t have to enter TPIN every time you place a sell order. Read this post to know the process.

I pre authorized just few days back . I believe there is 90 days expiry timeline for this request . I am surprised it again asked me today for CDSL PIN . Kindly suggest other way out. I don’t want to loose money like his.

Did you buy extra shares after pre-authorisation? you will have to repeat the process if you did.

If you want to avoid CDSL TPIN you can submit POA.

I will do today only . Shall I need to courier the signed hard copy or submit by doing digital signature copy ? Do i need to mention anywhere , I submitted POA to avoid CDSL PIN ?
Please guide

POA is a legal document it cannot be e-signed and requires a hard signature. So you will have to sign a hard copy and submit it to Zerodha at this address.

You don’t have to mention anything.

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Just for the final confirmation, After submitting POA I will not be asked for CDSL PIN when I will sell from KIte web and Kite App both . Right ?


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Can my wife or other family members witness of my signature?

I found wife shall be competent withness"120.,shall%20be%20a%20competent%20witness.

Was checking it with our team. it is allowed.

True, I am facing same authorisation issue and @siva is looking into it. But for some reason I don’t know my thread is unlisted.

You can sell now. CDSL has resolved the issue.

it worked for two days but now again asking for authorisation for already authorised security.

Hi @ShubhS9

It is regarding ticket #20200629674913 , I couriered POA and Nomination on 29th June and it delivered successfully to Zerodha on 1st July . I requested for update on 2nd July (5 days ago) but till now I don’t have any update whether POA and nomination updation is completed or not. Can you kindly look into it?

There are people I know who never had to authorize ever again.
While I have to do it every day that I want to sell (even when I haven’t bought any new shares).
And the great CDSL website just keeps giving errors for that particular page. :roll_eyes: