How can I check for a series of 3 green candles in Streak?

It’s amazing that for something so simple there’s no easy way on Streak. How can we call this garbage an algo platform?

Such a simple, direct thing and there’s no direct way of saying “3 consecutive green” candles?

@Streak can you.

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Hi @Mugen_H , Looks like you haven’t gone through the manual or watched the webinars on candle patterns.

Here is the condition the “Three White Soldiers” scanner.

You can also write the following for 3 consecutive green candles
Period Min(3,Close(0)-Open(0)) higher than 0

Here is the Link to the Manual.

Here is a link to one of the webinars on patterns
You need to learn the basics of the platform first.

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I stand corrected. Thank you for replying and providing the link to webinar. Wasn’t aware of this webinar and will check it out.