How can I check govt charges for all my purchase transactions?

I wrote to your support team and the guy said check tax PNL (even though I said I already checked in my support ticket ) basically support was not of any help. That is why I involving @nithin @VenuMadhav

1.I want to figure out why there is high STT charge of Rs. 70.85 and other govt charges are also high when only one reliance share was bought and sold (BTST) ( I am looking at trade wise tax PNL)
2. I can see short term trades for all those scrips which I have bought and sold but I don’t see govt charges like STT on the scrips that are in my holding (have not sold yet) - How can I see govt charges of all the trades (equity delivery ) irrelevant I have sold them or not.
3. I have received contract notes but govt charges on contract note does not match with what I see on tax wise PNL report.

Like @siva said, we need your client id/ticket number to check this and give you the right response. Without details on what exactly you are looking at we won’t be able to help you.

We had made the scrip-wise charges available on Console. Currently, we have disabled this feature for some optimizaton. We’re currently working on the next version of Console in which you’ll not only get the charges on the P&L, but you’ll also have tradewise charges on your tradebook.

Again, we’ll need more details here. The charges value on the P&L is the cumulative charges paid during a selected period alone.

  1. One of your Zerodha employees said this is not a support forum and disabled my post. Now you are asking for ticket number …that does not make sense …like I said its not comfortable to give private information on public forum. If you don’t want these queries land up on this forum or other social media sites or even Sebi scores- train your support staff to read/listen carefully instead of wasting client’s time/energy. This is my 2nd frustrating experience dealing with your support team.

  2. Again how can I see govt charges for all trades (individual per trade not per day) ? You said you are working on console that means at present I have no way to verify per trade charges ? on console? I am concerned about this because for some of the trades show very high STT and other charges on trade wise tax PNL. Of course I can check contract note but it is not matching on console reports.

  3. You said charges value on PNL are the cumulative charges - so for example I bought and sold one share of reliance. So it will show up under short term trade section with corresponding charges for that one share in same row. But later l bought lets say 15 shares of reliance and have not sold them yet so total number or shares under short term trades will not change to 16 but charges like STT +stamp duty etc. show up cumulatively in the same row correct?

You can raise a ticket for this. Our team will share the tradewise charges with you.

Yes, the charges is the cumulative charges of all the trades executed during the selected period.

So every time when we purchase additional shares in that scrip it should change total number of shares (qty) should also change along with corresponding charges associated with that purchase correct?

Yes, provided the transactions are executed within the period selected to generate the P&L.

So that is not happening in excel sheet (trade wise PNL ) Even though I have bought many shares of reliance after buying and selling one share - it still shows only 1 share under short term trades and charges like STT etc are also not changing. I repeat for one buy and sell of reliance it is showing STT of Rs. 70.85 and same with other govt charges (very high)
I don’t understand why this topic is unlisted ?