How can I check my all funds PayIn and Payout history?


Ledger statement gives all details. But I can not filter PayIn And PayOut entries.

Where can I see my all fund PayIN and PayOUT history and total amount of funds I payin and payout?

It is very basic future (to provide filter or seperate menu). Request to Zerodha must be add in Zerodha Console.


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Instead of Zerodha’s ledger, I get this from Bank’s e- passbook statement. Download it’s excel sheet and filter all Zerodha entries out.

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Thank you for your reply.

But now in technology world manually making a filter that is good things and its time consuming process.

So I recommandation to Zerodha, please add this feature in


Hey @imjaypatel

As of now, you can get this by downloading your account statement from Console. You can open it in any spreadsheet software. Once you do, you can filter by the field called ‘Voucher type’ and select Bank payments and bank recepits.

We will be working on this. We will keep you posted.

@Kshiteesh_Saralaya appreciate your efforts
Thank you

Hi @nithin @siva ,

Is this feature available yet? It’s a very basic feature to know our transactions to zerodha.

@Nakul, Can you.

Not yet. We are currently working on a tagging feature for the tradebook, P&L, and ledger which can provide greater insights on your trading activity. Payin and payout details can be tracked on your account value curve as well on your Console Dashboard.