How can I do BTST in Zerodha, Especially through KITE platform?

BTST is nothing but , buy today and sell tomorrow

you can buy the stock in product type CNC (cash and carry) and sell it in same product type CNC tomarrow.

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Leverage amount applicble in this scenario, like intraday?

as it is CNC Product type so, no leverage available.

As on dated 21st April 2020, Zerodha do not provide BTST or STBT facility on its platform. Even their Help desk staff also said that they do not provide the facility, and due to inaccurate information publish here I lost 2.2 Lakh as BTST facility was not available on Zerodha platform.

If you buy in CNC today and sell tomorrow, Zerodha is not going to stop you. I myself have done BTST this past week. (But if you are thinking of doing BTST by taking margin facility, then it is not provided on Zerodha) As far as STBT is concerned, it can be done through futures only, because STBT can’t be done in equity in india.

@Vijai_Joshi You can buy the stocks today and sell tomorrow using the CNC order type. However, you cannot do STBT unless you have shares in your demat account on the selling day.