How can i get a CMR copy at Zerodha

I want to transfer shares from my demat with another broker to my Zerodha demat. They are asking for a CMR hard copy, how can I get a stamped hard copy of my Zerodha CMR?

CDSL through a circular announced that they will start accepting digitally signed Client Master Report on April 20, 2018, for both transfers, transmission of shares and account closure.

This eliminates the need to courier the client with a hard copy of the report. Hence, we will not be sending CMR hard copy for our CDSL DEMAT clients.

Raise a ticket here to get a digitally signed copy.

Just call 080-40402020 and tel me to send u a cmr, they ll send u within a minute.

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@KarthikNarayan so to get a CMR from zerodha, i have to raise a ticket in kite ?

Yes, just just go to that link and create the ticket.

If someone is still trying to get the CMR document, it is now much simpler process.

Just go to the following link inside your Kite console, and select the document that you want, and it will be emailed to you.

If you don’t want to click on a link posted by a stranger(like any smart person), then go to "ClientID (top right in kite) --> My account --> Documents --> "

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