How can I know mis margin allowed for a specific stock?

First, I know there is a google sheet called “consolidated list of scripts” where i can find the margin allowed but its not correct sometimes. Yesterday two stocks yesbank & relinfra were given 12.5x on that list but they were allowed on 5x margin.

Today, i wanted to check the margin of a stock so i placed a short order for 12.5x margin but price instantly moved up & my order got executed, i was waiting to square off for no profit but that price just kept going up. Right now my account is 20% down.

so, I’m just wondering how you all keep track of all the margins. Also how do you take the best advantage of the margins, stock needs to move & have good margin to best employ your money, need some help on this. I’m new to trading & this forum, kindly ignore my mistakes.

Margin trading is very risky and rarely profitable.

I also used to do it, but now I trade options instead.

Usually people do margin as they want to have big profits on small capital, options will give you same benefit but with limited risk.

There are risks to options also, but still I think its much better than intraday margin trading.