How can i order Target and stop loos at the same time in equity segment in CNC type?

Like example…i am holding 10 stock of sbi equity @100 now i want to sale it @110 with stop loss @95 How i order this transaction ?


The system will either allow you to place a Target or a Stop Loss for your delivery positions. You cannot place both the orders at the same time. This is because if your Stop Loss of 95 is triggered, then your delivery position is already sold out but you still have a CNC Sell order at 110 with no shares in your demat account.

In case your Sell Order is allowed to execute at 110, and you do not buy it back before the market closes, then you will have to buy these shares back from the auction market which will cost you a penalty.

You can place a Stop Loss and then cancel this Stop Loss and square off your position when your target is achieved. You will have to monitor your position for this.