How can I plan my MBA from top 20 colleges with low profile?

Please go throgh my profile as below :

10th : 80%

12th : 56%

B.Com : 50% (2008 passed)

MBA (e-commerce) : 74% (2011 Passed)

Work EX : nothing

I did CMT(Charted Matket Technician) cerification and some other NSE certification on Advanced Derivative Program.

As I am doing Trading from last 2 years profitably, I did get my Calling in trading, technical analysis and financial market for that matter and and I want to enhance my skills and understanding about investing and trading.

So Now my age is 35 and I am thinking of doing MBA in finance from top notch B-Schools in India so that after MBA , if I make it to get placed in big Financial institution, I could gather professional expericence in Financial Market in any Big Company or Hedge fund Institutions.

Please suggest me if I mension my MBA (e-commerce) what could be consequences for MBA and Placement perspective.

Please suggest me if I should persue my CAT Preperation.

And also suggest the placemect senario after MBA as per my profile.


The thing is you don’t need a degree
/mba to get into a hedge fund. If you have a solid track record say 10 years / you are a quant genius / or any favourable circumstances, then the hedge fund guy may reel you in.

But degrees and success in markets are never related.

And your stint in market will not be relevant for the top MBA colleges. You need to crack CAT or any relevant exam as other aspirants.

You are a fresher.

Hey, no one answered your questions, so these are my opinions.

But are there any hedge funds houses in India.

Why not get cfa, caia or frm?

It would be better to continue with trading, build big capital and start ur own thing in capital markets. Expecting a job at 35 as a fresher is very hard. Any company would rather have a fresher with average age of 25 or if higher ie above 25 then with some workex. IIRC there are also workex/fresher criteria during placement rounds so avoid the hassle do a correspondence MBA which will have lower costs but will do the job of getting you the degree!