How can I put EMA of High /Low /close

Exponential moving average in Pi isn’t having attributes of High low and close, could anyone help me how can I have EMA ie 200 ema with all three attributes of High, Low and close on chart of Pi terminal?
(kite has them)

You can select the source field for EMA between Open, High, Low, Close and Volume. Is this what you are referring to?


Thx srinivas I got it…
Secondly, could you advise me how to add equity shares in market watch…
On the first tab I am seeing just NFO, MCX, CDS… I can’t see equity, nse/bse

I went to view tab above, and settings, there I could only add or remove indices!

I think you did not have demat account with Zerodha.

If you have Demat account only you able to add stocks in market watch.

I do have, I applied for it… Matter of fact, I can see cash and carry on kite

Ok then you have to contact Support Team.