How can I set the limit of option order in amo so that my order can be executed?

I have placed two option order(index option) as AMO last afternoon at 5 pm… One of my order got executed today but another one was not…I think due to place a limit order it was not executed. Is there any way so my orders can be at least executed properly. In sensibull, I have seen every order got executed in virtual trade but in real trade its not happening. Can anyone tell me how to make sure my amo orders will be executed.

If you want to get sure shot fill then you can place Market Order but be aware of slippages.

market order is not allowed for index option in AMO.

You can place order after market opens.

Yes. I know that but apart from that, any possibility to get executed my option order in amo or is it just a lottery?

@Sensibull can explain you better.

Right…my strategy works in sensibull(virtual trading) very well but its not working in real trade…