How can I short NiftyBees stock? I mean not intraday

How can I sort all Nifty50 stock? I mean not intraday.

For example, I like to sort all Nifty50 stock index (or) just one stock and just buy it after a couple of days?

You obviously mean the short. Right?
And you wished to short sell all Nifty50 stocks! Yes, get hold of all future contracts.

This market is bringing out the best traders. :smile:

Oh, how you must have wished you shorted all stocks last week and held till today. The profits all missed, had you known how to short, I mean not intraday.

But it’s not too late. Good luck bro. You made my morning :money_mouth_face:

I meant short.

What I meant shorting all stocks = like NiftyBees

I know its too late.

But there are many months and strange names in the dashboard, I just don’t know, what to select? Can, someone tell, how it works?

Not possible, short nifty futures instead or buy puts or write call.

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Is there ant tutorial for how to do it?

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Its not available in FnO , so you cant short NiftyBees .