How can I trade after 6? I heard that Commodity segment is available to trade till 11pm. Is that so? Since I am working I am not able to do good trading in market hours. Kindly clarify. Thanks

Yep Commodity markets are open from 10am to 11.55pm. The good thing for someone like you is that most activity in commodity markets happen after 6pm (when the US markets open).


Yes! You’re absolutely right. Commodity market is probably the best option for you. Other options are, you can invest in stock markets for a longer period of time which doesn’t require you to continually be in front of the screen, also better you trade in the US markets for which you will require a thorough knowledge of the markets.

The timings of the commodity markets at present is 10am to 11:30pm through weekdays.

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bhai, if u trade till 11PM. whn u wud get the time to sleep?

if u r a family man, best strategy wud be to teach ur spouse abt trading and keep co-ordinating throughout the day.

if u r a bachelor, thn go for swing trading.

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Yes, commodity markets are open till 11:30 pm (and beyond in certain days).

Even I thought to do the same. But commodity market looks greek and latin to me. Also contacts are little costlier, what I felt. I am not touching it as of now. You could try with SilverMicro etc and later dwelve deeper. In case of market crash, losses could become huge. So be careful.


If not commodities, go for positional trading in stocks.

Please share ideas on the best strategy to trade for working professionals.

Hi karthik, im also a happy bachelor and have my regular day job.after 6 pm ill trade commodoties.6 - 11 happily we can trade,a speed takes after 9 pm in the market first observe the movements.

Oh ok. What are the timings for Commodity Market?

In the winter(November to March) the commodity markets are open from 10am to 11.55pm, and rest of the year from 10am to 11.30pm.

Well I am still a happy bachelor. For swing trading I think I should keep an eye on the technical chart for the whole day, which for me does not work becoz I am either in meetings/discussions or @ work. So I thought of entering the commodity section where we can start trading after 6pm. Any thoughts?

Donot indulge in swing trading on intraday timeframe. Go for swing trading on daily chart only.
Regarding commodities, i donot find them convinient in India as the volume traded is not at all enormous.