How can I view future charts of prev. months?

I want to view the charts of index futures of prev. months. Is it possible in Kite/Pi? Any other source?

Sorry sir i don’t know,
My goal only how to make profit in current week in banknifty options.

Change the chart into Daily timeframe and do this…

Neha (

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Thanks for the reply.
This is for daily frame. I need charts of 1,3,5 min. of bank nifty of Oct,Nov and Dec future.

May be you can try this in Pi

Right Click BankNifty’s chart -> “Save Chart” -> “Save Chart Data to Excel”

I use paid data feed from one of the vendors (there are many like GlobalDatafeeds, VCharting etc.) into AmiBroker. It costs about a thousand bucks a month but seems like you need to backtest your strategies so it probably might be worth it.

Hello neha madam
Backtesting is not a good thing to do. Indicators align themselves pretty well on past stationary data as seen on charts!!

You see supertrend showing u uptrend signal, supported by EMA crossover etc along with candle pattern and you draw a conclusion ohh look at this. If someone had entered into trade at this point, he would have made good money!!

Do u know that past data is stationary & not realtime.

During realtime movements, indicators too keep on changing every time. The same super trend reverses from BUY to SELL to BUY repeatedly!
So does EMA & others. Even candlesticks keep changing colours before the closing price of its time frame.


You’re right about indicators. I don’t most of them anyway because they are inferior to (and derivatives of the) price-volume action. But backtesting is much wider in scope than just testing indicators. I use backtesting to identify patterns in time/sales data, price reactions to the key supports/resistances, identify correlation between stock’s price with sector’s index or NIFTY Midcap index and so on…

Most of all, I use the backtesting result as an exhibit A to the hypothesis I am working on. In other words, backtest can act as a confirming or dis-conforming witness to my broader theory, which is based on technical analysis. Most of the time, I use backtesting for rejecting a strategy than picking one.

Hope that makes sense …