How can scan stocks using pi

Dear Zerodha,

                          Share Market open at 9.15 AM, in marketing days. 1hour later(10.15 AM) i need to check(Scan) all the NSE Stock

 (1) Open  Price < LTP(Last Traded Price)

 (2) Open price > Previous day Close price

1)How can i check above two conditions using  Pi or Kite?

2) Ortherwise there is any other possiblities to scan all the NSE stock above conditions?

yes you can use


but, use 15 minute charts and you have to start scanner at 10.15 manually

Hi AlgoGeek,
Will the above query scan all the available stocks in NSE?
Where do i need to paste the above query in Pie/Kite?
Can you please let us know how this can be done with the help of Pie/Kite.

REF(OPEN,4), what is 4 here
REF(CLOSE,5) what is 5 here

It is for PI and 4 is a parameter represents previous 4th candle