How can someone being a beginner in the stock market understand the best time to buy and sell stocks?

I will tell u one thing that indian market is a copy cat market and the market which is most overvalued in world with a GDP of 4% and earnings of 1% and market is tarding at valuation of 19% earning factoring like thing, so leave that aside , about ur question of buying and selling , this thing can’t be explain in detail, but look at growth, market is always slave to earnings, nifty falling from 9150 to 7500 or 7700 is just because of the fact taht earnings are not there, look out for earnings and stock valuations to buy and sell, certain things to remember: when there is scream that buy the dips( i always short) when there is scream that market is in bear territory( i ways buy) market always prove blue channel anchors wrong :nifty will not fall below 8500, nifty will not fall below 8000, nifty will not fall below 7800, nifty will not fall below 7500, nifty will nit fall below 7000, nifty will not fall below 6800, nifty now comes in bear territory, these are things u are hearing and will definately hear from ur soooooo called. Market experts

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I feel that best time for Newbie is 10 am to 11 am. Reason being markets are not reacting to other market open positions or news declared by govt or private companies.

I think this guy is asking about best time to trade. The regular traders are in a good position to answer this one

Being a beginner, an investor should first analyse the market in deep. the best time to buy and sell a stock depends on your profit goal, when your stock price cross profit goals then you can think to sell your profit. When your trade is in good situations. When sell is increasing, margin is high and your stock is performing better then considered as a good time to sell a stock to get good income.