How can we Invest in Japanese Stocks?

Is there an ETF or Mutual Fund for investing in Japanese Companies such as Toyota?

There is a Mutual Fund called Nippon India Japan Equity Fund - Direct Plan - Growth that has investments in companies like Toyota (Their complete holdings)

Also, in case you have access to US Markets, then you can invest in Japanese companies via ADRs

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@Prayag isn’t Japan’s economy in a liquidity trap for the past 30 years or so? also, the population is growing old there. many suffer from loneliness. The population is shrinking too because many refrain from marriage and having babies. How is such an economy good for investment?

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Frankly speaking, I wouldn’t be able to predict if such an investment would turn out good or bad in the long term but after searching around I did come across some articles/videos which suggests that opportunities might still exist there -

* The video is an interview of a hedge fund manager/promoter who runs a Japanese-equity specific fund.

But I agree that Japan does face problems that you highlighted as well as many other issues. I had come across a video which gives a somewhat balanced view about them -


I wouldn’t wanna miss out on Toyota!

@Prayag I too invested in Japan; in a different way though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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if some one has a/c in USA ,can trade the following ADR’s

The complete list of Japanese ADRs traded in the U.S. is listed below:

ADR Name Ticker Industry
Advantest ATE Tech.Hardware&Equip.
Canon CAJ Tech.Hardware&Equip.
Hitachi HIT Electron.&ElectricEq
Honda Motor HMC Automobiles & Parts
Internet Initiative Japan IIJI Software&ComputerSvc
Konami KNM Leisure Goods
Kubota KUB Industrial Engineer.
Kyocera KYO Electron.&ElectricEq
Makita MKTAY HouseGoods&HomeConst
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial MTU Banks
Mitsui MITSY Support Services
Mizuho Financial MFG Banks
Nidec NJ Electron.&ElectricEq
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone NTT Fixed Line Telecom.
Nomura NMR Financial Services
NTT DoCoMo DCM Mobile Telecom.
Orix IX Financial Services
Panasonic PC Leisure Goods
Sony SNE Leisure Goods
Toyota Motor TM Automobiles & Parts
Wacoal WACLY Personal Goods

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It works on both - induction as well as on gas stove.

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For a change, good to see non trading, non political related discussion on this forum.:slight_smile:


On a different note, tomorrow would be a decade of the tsunami earthquake disaster of Japan.