How can you invest in NCDEX AGRIDEX?

I was reading about AGRIDEX
Is it like NIFTY of the agriculture ecosystem?
How and where can you invest in AGRIDEX?

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MCX has gotten approvals from SEBI to launch Commodity Indices, according to MCX, they should offer trading in Commodities in the next 3 months.

NCDEX is merely disseminating the Index information now, trading hasn’t started yet. You may have to approach a broker who is a member of NCDEX to trade the index.

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Will Zerodha enable this?

We’ve recently given up our NCDEX membership, so no.

On a different note, if I say AGRIDEX is like NIFTY of Agriculture ecosystem will it be correct? If yes, then such commodities indices would encourage more retail investor participation to diversify and also the ticket size to invest in an index would be comparatively less than investing directly in commodities like coriander, jeera etc constituents. And as we all know how recently price of Onion soared high, such incidents would make the index investment interesting. Would you guys reconsider renewing NCDEX membership, maybe? So as to have all investments under one roof.

We held the membership for close to 7 years, can’t remember a single client asking for it. We’ll see how the volumes turn out when trading starts and then take a call.

Yes, Venu. We’ll buy 2 kilos of Onions and buy 2 Onion mini contracts to hedge it. Why is Zerodha not offering this!

Is cutting onion making you cry, or have you hedged your history of making personal comments behind this newfound sarcasm? :sweat_smile:
Anyway, I would appreciate it if you can add value to the thread in terms of your view on the launch of commodities indices impacting retail participation.

I don’t trade much in NCDEX. Finvasia have it, will ask tomorrow if they provide this commodity index, sounds impressive if they do

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when can we start trading in MCX iCOMDEX ?

When the exchange makes it available.

pls see the link below :



as per the above link ; when it is expected (approximately) the exchange makes it available start trading in MCX iCOMDEX ?


Are you blind to not see this?

Also what’s with all the ======== that you use in your questions/replies? Looks ugly af.