How Coin works?

I just want to how coin works? since Zerodha is just like other brokers HDFC, ICICI, and when ICICI and HDFC offers only regular plans of mutual funds , how Zerodha coin able to provide direct plans with coin ? what is difference between hdfc sec and zerodha? I assume there is no paper work for both coin and hdfc sec and offers both in demat ? what is the major difference? how coin operates?

Mutual funds can be sold in direct or regular way both in demat/non-demat mode. ICICI and HDFC sell regular plans and hence make distribution commission. Coin sells direct and hence we make no commissions from the fund house. We charge Rs 50 per month after your first 25k of investment. Check the below link.

Thanks Nitin Sir :smiley:

Its high time that you get out of this coin platform, as it is consuming useless charges without giving any visible benefits than its competitors. When others can offer free service why should I pay to coin just for its brand name? Are we paying premium to you because you have a brand name? Please restructure your business model.