How Complex Are Your Charts?

My JetAirways Chart on 03 May 2018 looked like this… More or less like DIWALI Celebrations :sunny: .
Anyone can guess the no. of studies and indicators used along with platform.
I know I am too puzzled sometimes. I would like to see charts of fellow traders, How you people work and earn.
** I always use 1min time frame.

What are you a freaking quiz master?

Sir, We are creating and testing system for Intraday trading. Don’t take our charting in any other sense. When we will be done, we will reveal the Earning system to everyone.

Too many indicators ruin the

TOO Much Analysis Leads To Paralysis :blush:

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Woah, “When done we will reveal” sounds more suspenseful than the next Avengers movie. You must be some genius level trader, sir.