How Delete a stock entered in a scanner

Any body please let me know how to delete a stock entered in scanner already created, and also let me know if alert is generated , how to keep hold it , till i see it, presently scanner is working fine , but alerts are flashing and going away in a blink of an eye before i see the name of the stock
Thanking you

hello trader,

ALERTS >> SCANNER >>Select your scanner from the Drop Down Menu >> Edit SCRIPT >> ADD Symbols >> Select your stock from the drop down menu >> Use Remove Option

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Click on the ‘alert time’ column to sort the alerts in a descending order. That way the latest alerts will be displayed on top

Thank you for your kind reply , i tried this option before posting question here, anyway thank you, what is happening here is that , after doing the above option is that , scanner primes at lightning speed without showing content, so i have to logout , or i have to reentry all the stocks for that scanner.