How did you break even and recouped big losses? Please share your stories!


Hello everyone,

I am a budding trader and investor. I am starting this thread because I am in need of guidance and inspiration.

I am currently down 33%. I realized the mistakes I made and have been improving my trading style and strategy accordingly.

I’d like it if the veteran and new traders alike can share their stories on recouping the losses. How did you lose your capital? What mistakes you made? What you learned? How did you improve your game? How long did it take you to break even?

Thank you.


Some of the biggest mistakes committed by me while trading were

Over trading
Averaging loosing trade
Closing the profitable trade early
Not closing the loosing trade, hoping for

Now I have minimise my mistake and there has been considerable improvement in my trading.


Another big mistake I was doing on bank nifty weekly expiry was to try to make s one big trade during expiry.
I have lost lot of money trading on I am very selective on trading on expiry


Absolutely right bro, I agree. These are the most common psychological mistakes…


I have been guilty of the same mistakes. We read about them in books but following theory and doing it in real life are two different things. Could you share how you recouped your loss or how you plan to?


[quote=“Minimalist, post:5, topic:52421”]
I identified my biggest mistakes in trading as not to close the loosing trade. instead I had the habit of averaging it… some times it had worked for me . Now I close the loosing trade.

Once my trade was profitable I was too eager to close it as I didn’t wanted the profitable to end in loosing trade. I have seen many times the profit would have been higher if I had waited for some more time.

I have almost stopped taking hero or zero trade on bank nifty weekly expiry. I had lost most of the money on expiry.