How do big players (like e.g. rakesh junjhunwala etc ) work ? I mean ; how could they make more than 1000 ; 2000 crores of net worth , in just a span of 2 decades?

how do big players (like e.g. rakesh junjhunwala etc ) work ? I mean ; how could they make more than 1000 ; 2000 crores of net worth , in just a span of 2 decades ?

Insiders trading :stuck_out_tongue:


we used to only buy their products whereas they also bought shares :wink:

what kind of products ?

@HSL Buy Right Sit tight , you can make money , rakesh jhunwala , vijay kedia , these people are investor they are not actively trading , they have invesment and they make an income every month through covered call , if you are actively trading you cannot land any big way , just invest now set back for 10 years an good fundamentally , management company , those company are available now in NSE its will give multiibagger in next 10 years , for example rakesh invested 10 years back i will flash one screen shot for you , let decide how you want to be in future
I am investor cum trader


Here Rakeshji reveals his main trading rules in an interview with his friend Ramesh Damani within just about 5 minutes:

As you can see, though his trading rules are simple, they can be emotionally difficult to stick to unless you have great conviction.

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So your view is penny stocks buy?

i never buy penny stock , penny stock you can buy only reputed promoters , like tata , ambani etc these people share they try to perfom in the market , otheres no , i will always in branded cash rich company and Zero debt wala

others i will never consider

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Once upon a time people like vijay malya ; subroto roy , anil ambani etc all were branded and reputed!

Who could know the future ?
If it is brand for yesterday and today ; no guarantee it would be in the future too !


@HSL So only you dont know investment logic , i think your question shows you are not invested before ,
see tommrow you will be in earth if you have any guarentee , no same always diversify the money in diffrent sector , i never tell put all your money in one stock , if i am investing 1 lakhs in market means i will chosse 10 stock , even in worst scenero all 10 stock will not go to zero , 2 are 3 stock can go zero 3 or 4 stock can give some returns 3 stocks can perfom very well , you will end in profit only this is the long term investment logic

if you need to make money , you need to take some risk ,other wise if you have fear means put in FD

financial market was highly manupulated & corrupt place during that era compared to today ( read : bulls bears and other beasts by santosh nair )

so my guess is by finding right political connections & babus i guess & investing/funding their ambitions ( of politician , babus )


hai Whatever manipulated , any goverment will never allowed to fall index nifty , this index will reflect the indian economy , if you are investing index ETF your money will never go anywhere , you will get 12% CAGR compulsery every year , this is the index etf , you can blindly invest in NIFTY ETF , see your money will grow , yuo can keep for a decade you can sleep well


haha … we are also easy ATM machine for Govt… look how Mrs. Sitaraman reacted about nifty fall :face_vomiting: … just imagine something of this magnitude happened to farmers . she would have been sacked along with incompetent babus

Stability Durability Reliably is no word hereafter

How she reacted?