How do I add NIFTYBANK spot to watchlist?

How do I add the NIFTYBANK spot to my watchlist on Kite?

It was there for ages, and when I accidentally deleted it, I now cannot find it in the search.

You can add Nifty Bank index to the marketwatch by searching “indices nifty bank”: How to add instruments to the marketwatch?

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Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

I understand how to conduct a general search for instruments.

Can you confirm that NIFTYBANK (spot) was recently removed?

I just can’t find it.

Thank you once again for being helpful!

No, it wasn’t removed.

This is what I get.

I am not looking for FnO, but spot.

You need to give space between Nifty and Bank to see the Nifty Bank index in search results.

I appreciate your assistance so much.