How do I calculate brokerage for options writing in zerodha? What is the transaction charge?

What percentage of transaction is charged for options writing? Does that span+margin both togather considered while calculating brokerage? Is there any brokerage calculator for options writing?


If you’d like to calculate brokerage you can use the brokerage calculator that we have:

If you’d like to calculate the margins required to write options, you can use the margin calculator:


Option writing means straight sell, so same brokerage plan as buying. All taxes also the same only STT extra for selling.


The Zerodha calculator available on this page applicable for both buy and then sell and also sell and then buy (shorting). 

The extra margin blocked  will not be counted as turnover and so there will not be any charges (transaction charges, brokerage, STT etc) on that margin amount.

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Brokerages are same for option buying and selling. If you want to know only one side charges(that is you have only written/shorted options today (and you do not have any intention to square off or buy back and leave it to expire OTM), then you need to put zero in the buy price, automatically the brokerage calculator will consider only 20 rs as brokerage and will provide you the charges what would reflect in your contract note of today.

Please note stamp duty needs to be calculated separately as per your state.

Also note, the brokerage is calculated on your contract turnover and not premium turnover (contract turnover will always be more than 2 lakhs/lot, that is the criterion on which NSE chooses the lot size), so you will charged flat 20 irrespective of the amount of lots in F&O you buy.)


Span margin and exposure margin has nothing to do with brokerage charges, they are simply blocked amounts which will be released if your option expires in OTM.

Hi Venu, as I understand the current brokerage calculator only calculates brokerage for straight buy and selling of options, but since options writing requires considerably more margin, how do i calculate the brokerage, especially the transaction charges, which is a significant component of the brokerage.
Span Calculator gives me the net margin required, but doesn’t really say what brokerage or transaction charges that would be charged.

1.How to calculate transaction charges (brokerage+STT+transaction charges +GST+SEBI charges) for the options (CALL/PUT) bought initially and expired in ITM? { I understand that STT is 0.125% of total contract value when we let it expire in ITM, what about the remaining charges?}
2.How to calculate transaction charges (brokerage+STT+transaction charges +GST+SEBI charges) for the options(CALL/PUT) sold initially and expired in OTM?

Kindly help.