How do I calculate IRR (XIRR) on my zerodha investment into stocks and MFs?

It is easy to calculate XIRR / IRR / CAGR using the excel. But, it is very difficult to collate all the info from Zerodha kite/coin/console and banks.

Can zerodha team simplify by providing the XIRR / IRR / CAGR so that we individual investors are better informed? Also, each one of us have to go through the pain of calculating it?
Also, please explain through youtube videos etc how do we do it ourselves to verify.

Many thanks.


Very surprising no response for this !!


+1 to the feature request. @nithin

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Someone has tweeted the same. We all should share and retweet this :

Any idea when this will be available?
ICICI direct is providing it already !

May be we should discuss how this should be implemented here.

Any possibility of this getting rolled out soon? By when please?

Thought of sharing this…

Thanks for this.
But, we are waiting for Zerodha to implement this for equity portfolio factoring unrealized, realised profit/loss and charges etc. @siva @nithin

this is a must have feature to track the performance of portfolio and comparing it against sensex/nifty.
May be zerodha do not wants to empower retail investor to compare their portfolio with that of mutual fund over long term as that might be afraid of losing the customer to mutual fund.

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Exactly. Retail investors are forced to see only absolute return which may be less than fd returns for many.
@siva @nithin sir please listen to our pain points and address asap.