How do i calculate the 30 day average daily range?

Take the sum of closing prices of the last 30 days and divide it by 30 You’ll get the avg… The range can be calculated by 30 days high-30 days low.

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Download the EOD data for last 3 months from NSE website.

Using excel find out the range of each day

Range = Day’s High - Day’s Low

Take the average of all 30 days.

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Try the indicator ATR (Average True Range)

Are you asking in NEST?

There is Moving Average indicator in Nest. You can specify number of periods(eg: 30). By the way, you have to see this on daily chart. To view daily chart right click on the chart select Interval and Configure(d) or right click and choose historical as 3 months to see daily chart. On this chart you can plot 30day MA.