How do i create alert for a stock when closes below vwap(5min candle)

how do i create alert for a stock when closes below vwap(5min candle).

Indicator based alerts aren’t yet possible on Sentinel.

However, you can do this on @Streak.


Its very straight forward in , just enter the condition “close crosses below vwap”, and on the top of the page just select 5min candle as the timeframe.

But for it we have to run a scan every time, isn’t there any way so that conditions met in streak generate alert on my kite web or app? Does streak auto scan my conditions in background and can generate alert on kite web/app once the conditions are met?

Hi, @kkiN , this is already supported. You just need to push a scanner live. Live scanners check the condition after the completion of each candle interval and send alerts if any scrip matches your condition. Also, the alerts are sent to Streak App and website. So you need to login to the Streak website and keep a tab open or install the Streak app to get the notification delivered to your handheld devices

Such things can be done using Pinescript (on Trading View) or with a coding language.
However you can also use the algo trading platform of Zerodha- Zerodha Streak for that. Streak does not require coding and is more beginner friendly.