How do I get rid of the suspended company shares

Hello Everyone,

I have shares from BCPAL which I bought 3 years before and after few months company got suspended due to penal reasons. I am in touch with Zerodha from one year to get rid of these shares and close the trading account.

No one is giving me correct answer, they are saying I have to either wait for company to start the trading or sell the shares. But the reality is the company will never start and also no one will buy the shares.

Zerodha keep on charging me every month 50rs or so for those shares and I keep on paying those amount. What should I do ? Please help me as I am not living in India from 2 years and How to get rid of this account and these shares.

Thank you.

You have to rematerialize those shares and hold them in physical form as share certificate. Once they have been remat, you can close the demat account.

You can either rematerialize suspended/delisted shares or wait until they get listed on either of the exchanges to sell.

Zerodha does not levy any monthly charges for holding stocks in your demat account. You can create a ticket here to get clarification on any kind of charges you see on your Ledger.