How do I integrate PHI 1 with zerodha

I am a beginner when it comes to algo trading , Can someone help how do I integrate Phi 1 trading platform with zerodha and also tell me if there are good alternatives to Phi1.

Is this like Ami broker ?

My friend says this one is more powerful and easier to operate than amibroker. So I wanted to integrate it as well.

Have a look at the image. I got in in the internet.

Did your friend tell about the integration ? Even I would like to know.

I went on their website , and scheduled up a demo for free.
3 things I noticed , they are honest , they have a technically robust and easy to use software, I was truly valued despite being a beginner . So they just not for namesake a genuine platform here .

Id recommend it . you can go to the website I think I would not be able to tell you technical jargons but nice platform .

Did you get to know about the integration with Zerodha ? Is it even possible ?

Yes brother . Just an update , I got onboard with Phi 1. I am enjoying … It was surprisingly quick and easy .

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That’s great. Are you able to intergraye it with any broker ? How do you use phi, what’s your usuage ?