How do I pause and resume a SIP on Coin?


I was reading this article yesterday which said that you can pause and resume your SIP’s. But this seems like an extremely tough task of having to send a physical request letter to the AMC and having to wait for a month to stop. Is this the same way on Coin app and the web?


Unlike other platforms and AMCs where you will have to submit forms and mandates, you can pause, resume and edit a SIP easily with just a couple of clicks on Coin. Here’s how to do it.

Coin app
Just login to the app, go to the SIP & Conditional tab, click on a SIP and you will see the pause, resume and edit options in the context menu. Here’s a video

Coin web
Just login to Coin, go to the SIP & Conditional tab and you will see the pause, resume and edit options next to each sip.

In case, you haven’t downloaded the Coin app, here are the links Android, iOS.

Changing the Frequency of the SIP

Most of the AMC’s have online trading platform & similar to coin there are lot of online wealth platforms where this can be done online without any paper work. (e.g FundsIndia)