how do i place fibonaci retracments ?


guys can any one help me with how to place fib retracments ?


Fibonacci is Plotted between a swing High and a swing low.First determine latest swing high/pivot high and swing low/pivot low. A swing low should have atleast 2 higher lows on its either side and A swing high should have atleast two lower highs on its either side.
When in an uptrend, start at the swing low,deploy fibonacci tool ,place crossshairs on it,press left mouse button,keep it pressed and drag it upwards upto the swing high.Your Fibo will ne plotted.
In a downtrend,start at the swing high and drag it downwards up to swing low.
In kite,23.6 Fib level is not displayed by default.If you consider it significant,you can go to settings and toggle the Check mark.


Nit easy to draw on kite … Try or tradingview or wait till Zerodha integrate Trading view with them