How do I read daily charts?


Is there anyone who can help me with ideas/ theories on how to predict if the close price of the day will be above the open price, by reading the previous day’s chart.

Eg JetAirways:
Prev close: 277+
Open: 280+
Today’s Close- 281.

I am looking for ideas revolving making some filters to understand historically what factors ensured that the day end price was higher than the open price, without looking at intraday candles.

Is there a way to somewhat predict which stocks will end higher than open, simply by understanding candle formations/ clouds/ waves etc.


If it was that easy, all of us wouldn’t be chilling around on TradingQ&A instead we would have been in Miami with our laptop on the beach placing a few trades here and there and then planning to go to Vegas to get a haircut and maybe play a few rounds in the casinos on the way.

Serious answer : You can maybe use machine learning algorithms to find the best predictors of the closing price of the day.


It’ Simple visit Stock Market website and watch daily chart of stock market.


I am not aware of such techniques. However with application of technical analysis there is a possibility to spot long-term or short-term trends. By following support / resistance levels you can assume that price with strike certain level


well, you can try our ARIMA modelling and time series analysis. Naive bayes works well in classification of stocks