How do multiple demat accounts work?


I have only one demat account with another broker at the moment, and planning to open a new demat account with Zerodha.

Q: suppose I own the same company in both demat accounts, how do corporate actions work? For example, if I get dividend, will I get 2 dividend payouts (and 2 TDS certificates from company) per demat account or just one?

PS: If you can add any other useful info about to know about multiple demat accounts for an investor, pls do.

Thanks in advance!

2nd account will have to be as a HUF or a company. Zerodha only allows 1 account/PAN unless it’s joint account.

In case of joint account, tax liability is on PAN of first holder.

thanks, but was not asking about two demat accounts with zerodha, but with two different brokers.

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Can’t we link multiple trading accounts of same person with one demat account?

I am in a similar position. But, I don’t care how this works. Anyway, I will be getting a distribution in a couple of months. If there are no answers until then, I will let you know how it worked for me. :grin: