How do traders pass their time during market hours when they don't have any position? Some ideas pls. Thanks

Perhaps by looking for a trade :slight_smile:

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You could focus on fitness… Do simple exercises like push up, some stretches. You can also read books(trading or non trading). I am a discretionary trader, like Karthik suggests to look for an opportunity, thats what I do during market hours. Some one with a mechanical strategy can give you the best answer. Good question though :slight_smile:


You can visit or moneycontrol mmb… You can really pass your time that way. Not the best option though.

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i personally fill up my trade journal, trade logs and market structure journal if there is some time between trades…


How about learning Spanish, Chinese etc.

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A day at Barclays Trading Firm in New York.

They eat burgers, read some books, analyze a company like its prospects of growth and balance sheet and a few of the time they speak to their wives/girlfriends over the phone.

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haha good one… but what if strategy is coded and i get a sound alert when opportunity arises?

Well utilize the time to build another strategy :slight_smile:

thanks karunakumari for the suggestions… fitness really is important and i like what you have suggested. would be grateful if others can share what they do when they don’t have any position and are free during market hrs. thanks