How do you invest when market is at all time high?


Now that the market is at an all-time high, what investing strategy are you guys using for the stocks?
since no one can predict whether it will fall or go up further so, should one wait for a correction or buy at the moment?

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No one can predict the high point or low point, so If you are investing (not trading), the best option would be SIP. If you are new to trading or investing, might I suggest Varsity’s Personal Finance module:

when market becomes expensive, its better to avoid new investment. trading can be done with disciplined strategy.
OTM option writing can be done after good analysis.

you never know if todays high will become the future low. many thought that 12k is the new high an had same questions if they should invest @12k and now we know it is a new low.Being disciplined with SIP investments would be my approach always irrespective of market high/lows

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so do you invest every month or how do you go about it?

yes i invest the SIP way every month…

just curious to ask have you used small case or just doing SIP in mutual funds?

sip in mutual funds @Maverick_Shrader