How does coin report the mutual funds I purchased

I buy for e.g., Axis blue chip direct growth periodically or may b 10 times a month each for Rs 100/- how coin report my investment
a) 10 X 100 i.e., Rs 1000 average nav say 20.00 and last nav etc etc or
you report Rs 100 and 10 differnt nav as
when i see AMC statement i get all 10 investments and nav etc
I need to have separate nav for all 10 investments in Axis blue chip funds direct growth.
otherwise, i invest with coin and to see the different NAV i have to ask for statements from concerned AMC for seeing NAVs for my investments
b) for this financial year if i need yearly statement or capital gain statement, whether Coin gives capital gain statement or Zerodha Coin will produce statements.
c) All AMCs reduced investing time from 3:00pm to 1:00pm. Zerodha still reduced the time to 11:30am and there are 2 categories one debt funds and equity funds. so 11:30am is for both funds or what?
d) is it not possible to change the investment time to 12:30pm as 11:30am is too early to dicide in which way market will close?
e) i will invest more with coin seeing your reply

you always say you dont charge. but i read that you charge Rs 5.50 on redemptions.
if you dont charge who else this charges will go?
If you deal through AMCs, they do not charge anything except exit load

Hi Raja,

A) For the individual trade statement for a particular fund, you can refer to tradebook from Console back-office and for the consolidated report i.e once you redeem the funds, you can refer to the Profit and loss statement/report. Additionally, you can download your coin orders history in a .csv mode from your coin Order history

B) The backoffice provided from zerodha is Console, you can download Capital gains statement here.

C & D) The reason why the cutoff time on coin is 11:30 AM is because it is an execution platform and all the orders that are placed on the platform has to be processed to the respective RTA via the order routing system by BSE (BSE Star MF). The cut of time for orders with a value of more than 2 lakhs is 12:30 PM across the industry, so this is the time kept in hand so that the process runs smoothly.

E) From 3rd May 2019, There is no DP charges applicable on your Mutual fund redemption. But you will be charged Annual Maintenance Charge for your Zerodha Demat account.


Is there any switch facilities between funds with the same AMC?
IF its there where can i switch

As of now on the coin platform, you will not get an option to switch from one fund to another. Our tech team is working on building features like SWP, STP, every day SIP, etc… and will be available soon on coin web as well as mobile app :slight_smile:
However, for now, you can manually do it, If you have some amount (say Rs.100000/-) you can invest in a liquid/ overnight fund in lumpsum. Further, there’s an upcoming SIP worth 5k, whenever the SIP date is near you can partially redeem the units (Settlement time is T+1 day for liquid/ overnight schemes) and use that amount to invest in any other mutual fund scheme.