How does coin subscription fees of Rs 50/month work?


What if I sell all the units from Coin and purchase directly from MF company and payment will be through the bank account,


If you sell there will 1% expense ratio if fund is less than 1 yr + DP charges 5.5 per folio + tax. Crediting the redeeming amount will take T+3 days. Then you can buy it from MF directly.


Thanks for insights.

it means per MFs irrespective of quantity . Am I right?




What if we directly buy funds from myCams, MFU. So why your platform is better?



Hi Nithin,
Started using your coin, UI looks smooth thank you for such platform


Hello Nithin,

Need your help here. I invested 25k+ and redeemed all the investements except one which has lock in period of 3years. The amount is very low ( 12.5k ). I was being charged 59PM for this low investement. These charges will eat up 30% of my return ( assuming i get 1800/- return) . Could you please help me with this. I cant pay 59/- per month on an investment of just 12.5K and I cant redeem the investment since its under lockin period. I already lost 7 * 59 = 413/-. Need your help.


Hey Rakesh, the best place to ask this would be by creating a ticket here. Anyways, someone from our team will be in touch with you.


How are the Mutual Fund Units debited in Coin ? Is it in LIFO or FIFO format ?


Hey @Omkar_Satapathy

It’s FIFO.


Why is this query still on the website? Isnt the 50Rs charge waived off?


It is not their on the coin website right? Tradingqna is just a discussion forum, we don’t remove content that is already built.


Hi @nithin Paytm money launched zero charges direct mf. I have invested lumpsump last year on elss from coin and paying 50 every month do u have any plan to remove this fees in recent future?


Coin has been completely free for the last 1 month.