How does Nifty50 Order book works?

Over we search for particular stock. In result, we get all details related to stock. Further, we are able to view order book for that particular stock,I mean buying quantity and selling quantity. Suppose, we search for Nifty50, the page loads with much similar details. As per Zerodha varsity, we can trade in index using derivative but on NSE page, they have table titled as Order book for nifty50 and for example we can see like someone is buying 1,050 quantity of nifty50 at buying price 12,101. My question is how does this order book works?

Possible to upload a screenshot of the page you are referring to? As such, the Index itself isn’t tradeable. You could be looking at an ETF based on the Index.

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I was talking about this order book.How it works?

The order book shows the 5 best bid-ask price.

Bid price is what buyers are willing to pay for a scrip.
Ask price is what sellers are willing to take for it.

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You are viewing quotes for Index Futures which is tradeable contract

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Thank you.