How does the new physical settlement of stock derivatives work?


@nithin @siva can Zerodha maintain updated list of these stocks? Current Google doc is not updated, Indian Bank is missing which will be physically settled from October 2018. Also, code for ‘GODFREY PHILLIPS INDIA LIMITED’ is wrong.


The list is updated after every expiry. We missed to add Indian Bank after the September expiry.

We’ll keep the list updated with the newest updates


Hi siva, I have calls which will expire out of money contracts, does it require physically settled as no buyer for the calls.


If they expire OTM then there is no issue but till they does expire OTM one can’t be 100% sure.


I have 3 lot of RCOM20CE but there are now buyers . Did it fall under OTM. Do i need to buy the stocks physically…Please respond ASAP.Thanks!!


May be you should first go through this I believe as you were having query about options falling under OTM.

Unless it come under ITM , there is no necessary, in this case spot is at 11, so it need to move about 90% from here to come under ITM, more likely you can ignore this for now but keep monitoring.


Thank you very much Shiva!!


So the RCOM 20 CE will expire @5 paise and no physical delivery required on 25th october?


It should expire at 0, please read option module before placing another options trade.


Hi Siva, i remember reading a post by someone that Zerodha will keep the updated list of physical settlement stocks somewhere on the website?

Is it done or being done?



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  1. How do an option buyer invokes his ‘Do Not Excercise’ Right for ITM options?

  2. Lets say option buyer let the stock option excercise, BUT Doesn’t have required full security value of the contract, also the stock option is illiquid, no buyers on expiry day! so broker is unable to auto-squareoff. how does that pan out?

  3. Lets say I am a stock option buyer and a stock option is excercised and funds are debited at 2:00 PM, is the account is earmarked for delivery the same day like normal equity and recieve the security after T+2 days, in that case can we sell off the security received(from earmarked account) under BTST on the particular scrip? As we are an option buyer and as all FnO scrips will be in ‘EQ’ series we should be able to do that right?

  1. An option buyer cannot and not on all ITM strikes. Exchanges allow options that are expiring just ITM (where STT is more than the intrinsic value) to not be exercised. Check this post
    NO MORE STT trap on exercised In the money options

  2. Depends on what option. If they are calls, there is a forced delivery to your account. If you don’t have the money, the account goes into debit and interest charged on the debit until the stock received can be sold. If puts, a lot more painful. You have to give delivery, but if you don’t have stock, the trade goes to auction and stock bought at auction price and delivered. Check out this post on short delivery.

  3. At Zerodha we ask for extra margin for long options 3 days before expiry as delivery margin. Some brokers ask you to square off all long options the previous Thursday itself, even if you have the money. Stocks that are received through exercise, are like normal delivery trades. So comes to your demat on T+2 after expiry. No, you cannot do BTST, you will have to wait for delivery before selling.

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The definition of option states that option gives the buyer the right but not an obligation to buy or sell the securities at some point on future.
Therefore when an option contracts is a right for option buyer but not his obligation then why should he forced to exercise even in the money option also if he don’t want to.


Options are contracts through which a seller gives a buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a specified number of shares at a predetermined price within a set time period.

Set time period is essentially until expiry. Post expiry the options have to be settled - either cash or through physical delivery or else just let it all expire worthless even if in the money. Exchanges now give that option to expire it worthless for just ITM options to protect from STT issue. The reason for moving from cash to physical delivery is to reduce any price manipulation that might be happening through options, and settling through physical delivery is quite a common thing around the world.

How price manipulation, have explained here

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Adding to above,
Compulsory Settlement only if it expires ITM, ITM in this case is defined as immediate 3 strikes below settlement price for calls and vice-versa for puts.
Also ITM covers upto 5% of moneyness, why would anyone want to leave that money in their right senses?
Also this is an regulatory rule which one has to adhere to.


A bit confused. I am short both CE 1280 and CE 1300 Kotak. Are they both considered ITM and will both be definitely squared off either today or before expiry 28 Feb considering Kotak is trading around 1245?

Please clarify. Thanks.


I would recommend you to go through varsity here before putting another options trade because of the query you have. Currently they are OTM options and square off will happen only for margin shortfall from your broker side.
Also check, go through videos and all.


Thanks for the reply Siva.

I understand how options work for most part. My only confusion stems from the new F&O rules that have cropped up regarding physical settlements. Maybe I did not ask my query clearly. Let me rephrase it. I am short both Call 1280 and Call 1300 on Kotak Bank. Currently it is trading around 1242. Assuming no shortfall in terms of margins, then at what price will Zerodha look to square off (to avoid physical settlement) during the last week of expiry?



Let me explain 2 scenarios on Expiry day:

  1. Kotak Bank remains below 1280- Both options remain OTM, no physical delivery obligation.
  2. KotakBank is trading above 1280- Your 1280 CE is ITM(1300 CE will also be ITM if Kotak is above 1300). There will be give delivery obligation and you need to hold stocks equal to the lot size in your demat account. Your position will be squared-off otherwise.