How does the new physical settlement of stock derivatives work?


Can Zerodha put up a page somewhere containing the list of stocks that are physically settled and keep updating it as and when new list is put out by SEBI.


@nithin @siva can Zerodha maintain updated list of these stocks? Current Google doc is not updated, Indian Bank is missing which will be physically settled from October 2018. Also, code for ‘GODFREY PHILLIPS INDIA LIMITED’ is wrong.


The list is updated after every expiry. We missed to add Indian Bank after the September expiry.

We’ll keep the list updated with the newest updates


Hi siva, I have calls which will expire out of money contracts, does it require physically settled as no buyer for the calls.


If they expire OTM then there is no issue but till they does expire OTM one can’t be 100% sure.


I have 3 lot of RCOM20CE but there are now buyers . Did it fall under OTM. Do i need to buy the stocks physically…Please respond ASAP.Thanks!!


May be you should first go through this I believe as you were having query about options falling under OTM.

Unless it come under ITM , there is no necessary, in this case spot is at 11, so it need to move about 90% from here to come under ITM, more likely you can ignore this for now but keep monitoring.


Thank you very much Shiva!!


So the RCOM 20 CE will expire @5 paise and no physical delivery required on 25th october?


It should expire at 0, please read option module before placing another options trade.


Hi Siva, i remember reading a post by someone that Zerodha will keep the updated list of physical settlement stocks somewhere on the website?

Is it done or being done?