How does Valuation lines indicator works in zerodha kite? I dont see any documentation on that


I see the indicator Valuation lines in zerodha kite, but no documentation is provided for that. I want to know how it works and the implementation part of it. Can anyone guide on this or provide any links or documents for this?


That is straight forward, it just displays averages like mean and median and standard deviation of selected data.


@siva yes but every time we zoom in or out, it changes. So any ideal condition or TF that we should use it in?


The more data is added , it consider all that and then gives out output for that, there is nothing as default or ideal as it is user specific.


Then how do I decide which SD level is the stock trading at?


It’s upto you to select timeframe, if you want to see daily 1sd, open daily timeframe, zoom in such that 1 year data is there and see stocks SD levels.


Right. thank you