How does virtual trading work?

I take example of NSE Paathshaala.

If we place market buy order for 1000 qty, will it really check the original NSE limit order book and calculate the average price for 1000 qty buy and then execute our order?

If so, will this not hamper the regular trading server at NSE? (by means of overload)

Is this virtual trading live?

Paathshaala allows F&O trading, is there any other site which allows F&O virtual trading?

Haven’t really worked on Paatshala, but I believe virtual trading happens realtime, not much of heavy technology is required for virtual trading, you just have to get a mirror image of the NSE server, host it on some web server with a port number other than that NSE uses for actual trading, and that’s it.

May be some techie friend of yours can explain it better.

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